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Feature Rich

Edmego equips your company with the management and training tools needed for effective employee growth and development.

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Edmego helps you deliver training material in one third the time as traditional classroom training with greater retention. Saves time and money.

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The simple yet dynamic user interface of Edmego means employees will love to learn, thus providing a greater return on your training investment.

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Client Testimonials

Edmego’s products are very easy to use. I’m thrilled with how user-friendly it is. It’s exactly what we needed and I’m excited to be able to utilize this tool within our workplace.

Christina McDonald

Real-HR Solutions

Edmego has been a great switch for our company. Not only have we had excellent customer service, but the product is intuitive, works well and meets all of our needs at a great price point. Highly recommend.

Candy Yu

CFO Consultant/Founder, Avolon Accounting & CFO Services (AABS LLC)

Edmego was very generous with the amount of time they allowed us to demo the product. We tested every aspect of the software as we could, and are very pleased with the ease of importing employee information and creating courses.

Diana Chartier

AtWork! - HR Assistant

A rich and powerful “LMS”

Prepare yourself for training success with Edmego LMS: a feature-rich, powerful, employee-oriented learning management system that works to fill your company’s training gaps. Automate student learning with pre-scheduled, role-based learning plans. Ensure understanding and acknowledgement of company policies and procedures. Design and develop your own training content. With Edmego, there’s no limit to how creative and robust your training program can be.

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Custom Learning Paths

Create custom, role-specific learning plans designed to quickly get students up to speed.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

United States Food and Drug Administration regulations on electronic records and electronic signatures

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA ready for all security protocols including advanced authentication and secure record storage


Document Storehouse

With Edmego LMS, you can store collaborative company documents, policy and procedure manuals, informational content, link lists and much more all in the system’s Document Storehouse tool.


Policy Compliance Manager

Ensure that all employees stay up-to-date with your company’s most current policies and procedures with the automated Policy Compliance Manager tool.


Employee Assessment Program

With the Performance and Assessment tool, you can create employee evaluations and map them to the desired courses and groups for maximum effectiveness.  Identify employee strengths and weaknesses, and implement critical fixes.

Cloud-Based Global Calendar

Utilize the built-in, online Company Calendar. Create unlimited calendars geared toward departments or tasks.  Employees are kept up-to-date on company initiatives, policy sign-off due dates and training deadlines.  This integrated calendar will become the glue keeping your organization’s events and meetings intact.

HRIS Integration

With Edmego’s HRIS integration, you no longer need to manually enter large numbers of new employees or learning plans. Once your HRIS system is integrated, Edmego LMS will create new user accounts, assign appropriate learning objectives and send welcome letters to new employees..

Powerful Automated Reporting

Reporting should work for you. With Edmego you can schedule automated reports to meet your company’s needs. Dig as deep as you want into the details with Edmego LMS’s robust reporting engine. View data from user, course or supervisor levels.

Instructor-Lead Training

If you utilize a blended approach for training, you will love the Instructor tool in Edmego. Schedule live courses, allow students to self-enroll, take roll and deliver quizzes to ensure comprehension.

SCORM and AICC Compliant

Edmego offers unlimited hosting with your existing AICC or SCORM compliant courseware. Uploading is easy from within the Course Admin area.

SaaS - Software as a Service

With our SaaS solution you never have to worry about maintaining an IT environment. Employees enjoy access via any internet connection, and the LMS is available 24x7x365.