Learning and Performance Management

Preventing Workplace Violence

Workplace harassment is illegal and destructive to any organization, therefore it is important to treat everyone in the workplace with respect and dignity. Not only must workplace harassment be identified, but it must also be discouraged and prevented to maintain a healthy work environment. If left unchecked, harassment can escalate into violence, so workplace harassment [...] read more

Creating Training Webinars

Creating a Great Webinar: Webinars are staples of any modern business. Anyone can create a webinar and reap the rewards. When webinars are professionally done, they can increase your customer base and grow the knowledge of your brand. On the other hand, webinars that... read more

Civility In The Workplace

While a training program on workplace manners and courtesy may seem like overkill, the reality is that rudeness is an epidemic that can cost industries millions per year. To address the growing problem of incivility in the work setting, this workshop introduces the... read more

Creating Diversity in the Workplace

With the world’s mobility and diversity increasing near-exponentially, it is vital for your company to understand how change can potentially serve your company’s interests. Throughout this workshop, we will begin to understand what exactly diversity and mobility are,... read more

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative inquiry focuses on finding the best in people and how they use it to function in their work and everyday life. Through appreciative inquiry, an employer uses the art of asking questions and opinions to strengthen the system as a whole, creating a more... read more

Business Acumen

Many people believe you are born with business acumen, which is loosely defined as the ability to assess an external market and make effective decisions. Knowing what is necessary to navigate and create a successful business seems innate for certain people. For... read more

Trade Show Staff Training

  Being a part of a trade show can be a wise investment for any company. But preparation is important because it can ‘make or break’ how well you succeed during the show. Employees must realize that they are acting as a representative for the company and should... read more

Telework and Telecommuting

For some people, working from home can seem like a dream opportunity. But they may not realize that this kind of position comes with a great amount of responsibility and challenges. Since these employees are not working in a centralized office, they may have the... read more

Personal Branding

In the information age, personal branding is necessary for the success of any company or individual. Failing to manage personal branding can lead to misinformation about you or your company becoming public. Taking control of your public image is no longer an option.... read more

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