How long before our company’s training program is operational?

The set-up process for your company can take anywhere from one hour to three hours, however the process is very simple. Plus, our staff will be right by your side throughout the entire configuration.

Is there a package option for the LMS?

Yes! Contact us to find out more about our flexible pricing options.

If I don’t like how my training tools are arranged, can I change the arrangement?

Definitely! Edmego’s training tools allow to rearrange the training tools where you best see fit. You are not constricted to how you experience Edmego.

Do I need a high-end computer to run Edmego?

No, you do not. Edmego simply requires an internet connection and an up to date operating system.

Does Edmego offer a tool to easily inform my employees of changes in our policy and procedure manual?

We offer the Policy Compliance Manager tool, which precisely answers your need. With the Policy Compliance Manager tool, you can create multiple policy and procedure manuals for different job titles. The employees under those job titles will receive notifications within their profiles and will be able to sign off on the manuals on the go without the hassle of paper and pen signing. Additionally, if you ever need to make changes to those manuals, then a new version of that manual is created and sent off to the employees for signatures.

Can I create my own training program for various job titles? Also, can I change the pacing for each job title?

Most definitely! There are endless ways for you to customize role-specific training for your job titles. You can assign certain courses to each job title, as well as assign specific pacing schedules for the job titles and their course content.

Do I have to install any new, expensive software to run Edmego?

No, you do not. Since Edmego is a completely web-based software, there are no expensive requirements needed.

Will Edmego cut down the costs of my company’s training program?

Absolutely! Learning Management Systems have exploded within the American training market as Forbes estimates “that the market for learning management systems is now over $2 billion.” We provide a high quality LMS that acts not only as a content provider but as an efficient tracking and reporting software for your employee based training. Our highly competitive prices will save your company money and promote a positive return on your training investment.

Will Edmego send my reports automatically?

Yes, it will! It takes literally less than a minute to set up an automated report. Edmego is powerfully simple to deliver fantastic results.


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