It is mostly common knowledge that employers need asset management within their company. Asset management establishes and maintains the vital integrity and value of your company or organization. One of the most notable industries requiring some type of asset management, for example, would be the healthcare industry. The amount of regulations applying to the healthcare industry is enormous, and basically necessitates some form of risk mitigation. Often, hospitals and healthcare companies look for practical examinations to determine their organization’s overall effectiveness.

But not just the healthcare industry benefits from asset management. The business environment often relies heavily on employee based assessments that judge their workers’ productivity and development. Moreover, assessments help determine which employees the business wants to keep. Otherwise, employers would be stuck in a cycle of rehiring and onboarding new recruits.

So what is an assessment? Are they all the same?

Not exactly. In fact they shouldn’t all be the same because no two organizations are exactly alike. But overall, an assessment usually consists of short response questions that get feedback about company operations.  Though asset management is extremely useful and informative, it is not always the easiest process to implement.

In many cases organizations print out paper copies of their assessments to give their employees to complete. If you have ever dealt with hard copy surveys, you could understand the difficulty that is associated with this process. More often than not, we believe that organizations should look for electronic means of assessment distribution. Not only are electronic means more time efficient, but they eliminate the need for hard copies which so often become lost and/or fail to get turned in on time.

But can’t the employees simply forget to complete their assessment online? How is this asset management if I get the same result?

Yes, it is true that employees could simply forget to do their assessments online as in the case of physical assessments. However, electronic assessments open the door for automation while physical assessments require constant hassle and backtrack. We believe that the question should not be: ‘do I even need some type of asset management?’ Rather, we think that the question should be: ‘what electronic method of asset management should I go with?’ In fact our belief is that the best solution lies within a learning management system.

LMS’s provide companies and organizations with a large variety of productive tools and gadgets. These features provide for easier methods of organization workability for an organization. Proper LMS’s, however, also provide companies with some tool to create and track their asset management program. Very few learning management systems off this technology, and the ones that do charge outrageous prices that deter many customers away. No company wants to spend thousands of dollars for a tool that they may only use once every quarter!

All in all, we believe that Edmego LMS provides you and your organization the best option available. With our Assessment tool, you can create your own assessments and assign them to the appropriate job descriptions where you see fit. Not only that, you can set up an automated delivery schedule for the assessments, thus ending your paper trail. Our Assessment will save your company valuable resources and promote a positive ROI. To learn more about our Assessment tool, click here!

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