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So Many Users: A Human Resources Manager’s Nightmare

Any Human Resources manager who works with company training initiatives knows that assigning a large number of employees to the proper training programs is difficult and confusing if it is not done correctly, the first time. If an HR manager doesn’t make sure that his/her people are in the right groups with the right training, then that manager has left the employees, the divisions, and the company in a bad position.

1. The employees get put in bad positions because they were not given the training material to fully understand the position.

2. The divisions get put in bad spots because they are responsible for all of the employees’ performance on the job.

3. The company’s reputation gets tarnished by the lack of employee efficiency. A failure to meet appropriate training initiatives means a failure to mitigate potential risk.

As you can see, a lot is riding on human resources’ shoulders to make sure that the company administers the proper training to its employees.

In an effort to fulfill this responsibility, many human resources departments have recommended switching their company’s training memo to an online learning management system. Through this technology, they are able to create training programs for each job title within the company. Moreover, they can assign the pacing of the material within each program. Once the pacing has been set, human resources can assign employees to this job title and automatically have each of those employees with the correct training curriculum.

Implementation on a Large Scale

The questions for human resources now become:

“How can I do this on a large scale? Do I have to assign every employee to their appropriate job titles manually? Or is there a way to do it in a bulk setting? Furthermore, am I able to do both interchangeably?”

To answer all of these questions in simple terms: yes, you most certainly can implement a laundry list of employees to their appropriate job titles in a bulk setting. The way that human resources can put forth their training programs for all their employees is through HRIS Integration.

Essentially, HRIS Integration is a way of handling employee enrollments and training curriculum all in one massive operation. Let’s look at a simplified method of how you would set up an HRIS Integration system:

  • First off, you need to create a spreadsheet containing all of your necessary fields of information. Some examples of fields are┬áname, division, job title, and group.
  • Once you have created your fields, you will add any members of those fields into the proper cells.
  • Finally, import the spreadsheet into the online learning management system and allow the technology to do the work for you.

Granted, this is a demonstrably simplified version of the process, but not by too much. And although this may take some time in the beginning to make sure that the setup process is established logically and efficiently, it will be well worth the time investment for your entire human resources department.