What is Performance Management?

Performance management, in the most practical sense, is the assessment and remediation of a person’s status of a project or task. Within the professional industry, however, performance management is sometimes a professional headache for small and corporate HR departments.

Let’s look at a common scenario within various training departments:

An HR Manager, Lewis, reports to his boss, Bob, on employee reports concerning the status of their training, policy and procedure compliance, job performance, etc. Let’s take a look:

Bob: “Lewis, have the maintenance technicians completed all of their training? We need to make sure that we are compliant with OSHA requirements and company policies.”

Lewis: “Uhh, I don’t really know sir. They have not reported back to tell me if they have completed the courses…”

Bob: What!? You’re the Human Resources manager! You are supposed to know whether your associates have kept up with their required training! Do you have some way of knowing if they even attempted the courses?”

Lewis: “No, sir. The only way that I would know right now if the employees attempted their training is if they told me and I made a note of it somewhere. I guess that I should have thought of that before hand when we were looking for ways to implement these training courses.”

Bob: “You took the words right out of my mouth, Lewis. This is a big deal. We need some process that will track our employees’ training and success. That way we can know who needs improvement, who is doing and who simply isn’t doing their training at all!”

As you can tell, Bob is very frustrated that his company’s HR department cannot properly track essential performance management information without silly mistakes or the oh so fun, “Uhh, I’m not really sure.” What’s even worse is that Lewis hasn’t been identifying his associate’s areas of weakness, or finding out how to improve his company’s performance management program, or seeing how each employee ranks between each other, or anything, really. This puts not just Bob at a potentially dangerous position, but the entire company as well.

So what solution should people, like Bob, be looking for?

The traditional approach for professional training has revolved around classroom, face-to-face instruction where employees absorb information from an instructor. As you can imagine, this would be a costly endeavor for any company due to travel expenses, renting of training facilities and a loss in production for the days of training. These costs hinder company operations, thus managers constantly search for the method that will improve their company’s performance management system and save substantial time.

The E-Learning Industry provides a remedy for the cost cold lurking within the corporate training environment. Not only does E-Learning provide a responsive, transparent performance management platform for students and superiors alike, but it cuts company’s training costs significantly. In fact according to a case study performed by Fastrack Consulting of the UK, Dow Chemical reduced their annual training cost per person from $95 to just $11 when switching to an electronic delivery system. That’s a substantial 88% reduction in training costs per person! (Click here to go to the study.)

But why is this even important? Do companies even need to implement some type of performance management system, whether it be traditional instruction or online education? The answer is obvious: of course they do! Making sure that your company is heeding the appropriate regulations of your industry, staying up to date with the most recent changes to policies and procedures and ensuring that employee job performance stays superior all are great reasons for a robust performance management system.

We at Edmego understand the issues of compliance and employee success. Edmego LMS is a sleek, and comprehensive performance management system that will satisfy your company’s compliance and educational needs. Moreover, Edmego LMS will be your company-wide organizational tool. All the worries of tracking employee training, storing essential documents and notifying all employees of your company-wide policy and procedure changes are solved through our exceptional learning management system. Join Edmego LMS to make your performance management life easier.