As companies look to automate their training through digital media, they naturally look for great e-learning content that will be both engaging and informative for their employees. MOOCs, otherwise known as Massive Open Online Course providers, develop large quantities of content for companies to purchase in a bulk package or a course by course basis. Sometimes these packages and courses can be very expensive by themselves, not to mention that the companies then need software to keep track of their employee’s progress throughout the learning process.

Even the producers of e-learning content spend a tremendous amount of money and resources developing content. In fact Tagoras, a business strategy development company, states that “an hour of e-learning featuring moderate interactivity and limited animations requires anywhere from 90 to 240 hours to develop.” This translates to “a cost of $5,850 to $15,600” per course. (Read the full Tagoras article here) As you can well imagine, this e-learning process can be very expensive for any company, and many want a more cost-effective choice.E-Learning_BlogPost

Companies Look to Build their own E-Learning Content

Instead of paying for someone else to develop their e-learning content, some organizations decide that they want to specialize their training to their company specifically. For instance, an electrical company might want to train their employees not just on electrical maintenance but on the company’s policies and procedures relative to their model. The popular notion is that an organization needs to buy expensive software in order to have just mid-level content. This is not the case. There are other cheaper options to create high quality e-learning that is both engaging and informative.

What other options?

For starters, there are various course creator tools within the marketplace that help trainers develop their own content. Often times, the user interfaces of these tools look outdated, bland and unsatisfying to the user. Plus, the trainers still need some method to track their associates’ progress on the e-learning content.

Organizations need their own Course Builder

We believe that we offer a comprehensive solution to this content creation issue. With Edmego LMS, you can get access to our Course Builder tool. Not only do you not need any expensive software to develop courses with our tool, but you can fully integrate the course into the LMS just like any other SCORM or AICC  course. Not only that, these developed courses can be used as exams for live instruction sessions, which are also offered in Edmego LMS. Want to find out more about how we can cut your training development costs? Click here to find out!

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