Five Keys to Self-Managing our Emotional Intelligence

The work place environment at the very least can be described as chaotic at times.  There are so many variables each and every day that can challenge our ability to accomplish our list of duties.  How many times does the phone interrupt us?  How many work “emergencies” arise?  Yes the list can be quite extensive.  When we feel like we are losing
some control our emotions can get the better of us.  Here are five keys to improving our own self-management.

Be consistent.

Part of self-management is the ability to be stable. The values you hold dear should always be apparent. Always changing to the whim of your peers or customers can not only cause others to
question your beliefs.  With consistency comes stability.  Stability breeds trust.  Consistency certainly aids productivity for you and your team.

Stick to the plan.

If you are responsible for particular tasks, do them. Don’t just do them, but make sure they are done to the best of your ability and in a timely manner. It is easy to feel out of control when you disregard the plan you are to follow.  Do you have your plan in writing?  Having it in writing has a couple of benefits.  It gives you a great visual aid of the project outline and it also allows you to check items off as they have been completed.

Be accountable.

There are times when things don’t work out as you plan, but you have to be able to admit that and then use your flexibility to get things back on track. The ideal result is that you easily bounce back and complete the task, but even during those times when this is not the case, you must adjust.  We need to realize that we simply not perfect.  Mistakes do happen.  Keeping this in mind allows us to have a true awareness of ourselves and that will help us react accordingly when things go wrong.
Educate yourself.

We live in an ever-changing world and you want to be able to keep up with it. Don’t let change pass you by; embrace it. Be an avid reader. Talk and listen to mentors and peers. They may know something that could help you along your journey.  Whether it’s on a tablet or a good old paperback, reading is so critical in this fast paced world.  Do you have a set amount of time scheduled for reading and research each week?



Managing our Emotional Intelligence


Stay physically fit.

Many people don’t think of staying fit when they talk about self-management, but it is very important. Exercising your body is just as crucial to self-management as exercising your mind. A body that is not well rested, nutritionally fed or physically exercised can lead to emotional and physical illnesses.  A well exercised body also facilitates a clearer mind which in turn leads to better time management and decisions.

Emotional intelligence is a very deep subject.  The principles are sound but will always apply uniquely to each and every one of us.  Part of emotional intelligence is self-management.  When we recognize this need from a professional and personal level we can achieve a greater degree of success in our everyday lives.  If you have any thoughts or contributions please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Written by Jonathan Saar

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