easy_page_imageThe Traditional Approach to Learning and Development while utilizing an Instructor Led Training Software

Ever since most of us began our very early education careers at various private and public institutions, we have typically associated learning with face-to-face instruction given by the instructor. It was simply understood that the most valuable education would be taught through this traditional method known as instructor-led training. Over the years, however, we have seen a revamp education and training instruction utilizing an instructor led training software in not just the education industry, but in the business sector as well.

Since it is most commonly known that training and development does not simply stop at the primary and secondary levels, then the professional world will always have some need for distributing its training. Moreover, we know that not every business or organization is going to want to stick with the tradition, instructor-led training model and would rather go with the e-learning approach in electronic delivery. We also know that in fact some organizations do prefer the instructor led training software model over just e-learning by itself.

What if there was a way to combine the two techniques into something suitable for everyone? What if we can have a product that can deliver the face-to-face instruction while providing a pathway to electronic delivery at the same time?

Blending Instructor Led Training Software and E-Learning

Let’s imagine that a marketing firm just experienced a high level of growth this past quarter. Revenues are up, and the management wants to look to hire some more staff to compensate for the increasing growth so the entire office doesn’t become overwhelmed. As these new employees come on to the team, they need to be trained on the company’s policies and procedures as well as any other pertinent material relating to their position.

Some of the new hires will likely prefer the instructor-led training model over strictly the e-learning model and vice versa. To accommodate for the different needs of the new hires, you would first establish the goals and initiatives for your training programs and look at what will suit your company’s environment the best (for more information on setting up your instructor-led training model, click here).

Next, you will want to establish where and when the training material will be presented, and then inform your employees once you make your decision. Once the date has been set, you will expect the new hires to be promptly on time for their training session and all will be well.

Sometimes, however, it is not always that simple. Let’s say that your new hires need very specific training that can only be given at a third party location. Now, we are talking about travel fees, lodging fees and other miscellaneous expenses to train your new hires. You need the option of live, online instructor-led training in order to cut down on your training costs. Once the second option is available, the new hires get the information they need without having to travel to a third party location. In fact they could even view the training from their homes if they needed to!

The Bottom Line

You might have some concerns with the “lack” of personalization that this method of instructor-led training could entail. It is a valid point that the new hires would not get the true, raw education if they were not in the same setting as the instructor. However, the new hires will still be getting the same exact training, all things accounted for, if the are either in house or at another location with their personal computers.

At a point, it doesn’t make sense for your company to accommodate every preference of every employee, but it does make sense to find that happy medium where you can provide high quality education while promoting productivity and efficiency.

In fact Edmego LMS offers you this very same product for your employee based training. Our Instructor tool allows for your company to host live, instructor-led sessions through our cloud-based learning management system. With the Instructor tool, you can keep track of your training locations, your roster and all of the classes that your particular instructor has scheduled. Moreover, your employees can enroll themselves into one of the live courses without having to wait for administrative approval! There are serious cost-effective advantages to our tool that is just one of the many products and services that we can provide to your company. If you would like to learn more about the Instructor tool, click here!

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