Have you ever considered your LMS Reporting Requirements? Ever wonder why technology companies ask for you to say ‘yes’ to the question: will you allow your computer to send automatic reports to ‘xyz company’ to improve the user experience? Essentially, the tech companies are asking that you allow them to create an automated reporting system with you computer and theirs in order to better understand any issues that you may be having with their software.

Understanding LMS Reporting Requirements and how to best structure is Extremely Useful

Although the example above is very simplified, it does speak some truth as to why defining your LMS Reporting Requirements proves insurmountably useful for companies.

Of course, we are presuming that reporting is important to the vitality of your company. After all, it is vital that you are up to speed with all aspects of your company operations including training, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales, maintenance, etc. Implementing your LMS reporting requirements via automation gives you frequent, valuable information that speaks to the progress of your company.

More practically, automated reporting shows you where your company is struggling and needs improvement, but also where your company is doing very well and deserving of recognition. Reports give you indication of who is needing some remediation and who could use some appreciation. Moreover, reports, when done correctly, consist of hard data that many times cannot be denied. For instance, the sales team will find it very hard to argue against a report showing that they are 50% below their manager’s expectations for this month.

Setting up Automated Reporting

Creating an automated reporting system is mostly simple generally speaking. It is just a matter of establishing what fields you want to include in the report, who the report goes to and how often the report needs to go out.

Although the automated reporting system will do much of the work for you, the process still requires that you maintain the integrity of your report, that is keeping up with what fields you still desire, whether you are still the person to receive the reports and how often you still want the reports to go out.

Reporting Tools

Given all that we have discussed concerning the benefits of automated reporting, the cost of the service might still be a question of concern for you.

You might be thinking: “This has got to be really expensive. I mean, a tool that will do my reports for me must cost a lot!”

We respectfully disagree with that proposal. With Edmego Learning Management System, we offer to you our Reporter role. The Reporter lives up to all of your expectations by providing you and your company with valuable information regarding your company’s training. Although we price our product for access to the entire LMS, we believe that the high return on investment that you will receive with our reporting system along with the other features of our product will be well worth the low cost that we propose. If you would like to learn more about our Reporter role, click here!

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