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When in our lifetime can the love of learning ever stop?  The answer should be never.  Why do we have moments throughout our life where we cringe at having to learn something?  More than likely we truly have not discerned the benefits.  Here are some examples:
Love of learning philomath
You are about 3-5 years old and your parents want you to learn how to clean your room.  At that age you see no benefits to learning how to do this task.  You only see that learning how to do this will take away from play time.  Therefore you resist the perceived pressure from your parents or parent to learn how to clean your room.

Let’s fast forward now to learning math.  When we learned how to add 1+1 and 2+3 everyone around us clapped and cheered.  Your siblings, parents and relatives made you feel like you were the King of the Castle when you can solve those simple equations.  Not too soon after that the clapping stopped and the cheering disappeared.  Math was rendered to you the same way brussel sprouts or broccoli are.  It’s good for you.  Eat it.  Live with it.  You will thank you me later so sayeth our loving and nurturing guardians.

Jumping forward again a couple of decades and now we are fully involved with our careers and your company says you need training, professional development, re-certifications and you are screaming inside yourself with a pop culture favorite expression: “SERENITY NOW”.

Reflecting upon these scenarios we can now chuckle a bit and have some ponderous moments of gratitude.  It is not that we don’t love learning.  It is simply human nature to resist change.  Discernment impels us to strike a balance.  Love of learning provides many key benefits in a workplace environment.  Let’s reflect on a few.

Compliance Training Saves Lives and Jobs

No joke about the saving lives part. Lives and jobs were lost as a result of not having solid compliance training.  A LMS such as Edmego’s platform solves that pain point. (Shameless pitch over)  Compliance training is like broccoli.  It’s good for you.  It will keep you mentally focused on your job requirements.  The lifespan of your career will last longer.  Do not balk at re-certifications.  Our brain is programmed to accept reminders.  Reminders create an imprint on our brain which enables us to react quicker to a situation where our compliance training comes into play.

Strong Corporate Culture

A well trained employee is a tenured employee.  A tenured employee creates a sense of stability within a company.  A sense of stability helps attract strong talent and strong talent is nurtured with training and coaching which leads to…..a tenured employee.  Training is not a cost.  It is not a line item on a PNL report.  It’s a culture.  It’s a foundation.  It’s an environment that organically makes that bottom line be as it should be.  Leaders need to create the atmosphere of philomath.  Philomath is love of learning.  Philo is a Greek word for love or affection and math believe or not is literally translated as “to learn”.  Put the two together and you get: Philomath – love of learning.  This is the culture you want for your company.

Love of Learning Opens The Mind

Love of learning opens the mind to possibilities.  Our job responsibilities can sometimes be very monotonous.  Implementing or taking advantage of learning opportunities only opens the mind to possibilities.  Learning does not necessarily have to be associated with your job requirements.  As a matter of fact learning something that is completely out of the scope of what you do each day is huge brain and soul nourishment.  We have members of our team that take art classes.  We have some who enjoy visiting historical landmarks.  The point is that the brain needs a reboot often.  Sometimes we pay more attention to rebooting our digital devices then we do our mental devices. Coaches need to ask themselves what they are doing to stimulate creativity in their team.  If we don’t have a coach then become your own.  Don’t let your brain turn into a couch potato.  Learn to love learning.

So do you consider yourself a Philomath pro?  It is something to aspire to.  Take a moment each day and reflect.  Stop what you are doing and absorb what you have learned that day.  Did you smile?  Did you feel empowered? Did it broaden your horizon?  Welcome to the philomath world.

Written by Jonathan Saar

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