Maximizing Retention In E-Learning – Part 2

In part 1 of this series we spoke about the need to “prepare the soil” and the need to develop the overall company culture.  We are going to continue with the preparation analogy as we move into determining learning plans and competencies for your various job titles.  There are a couple of stages to consider as you map out your learning plans.  Let’s begin.

Compliance Training

This is absolutely fundamental.  Topics such as workplace diversity, sexual harassment prevention, OSHA safety standards and workplace bullying prevention are just a start.  Including compliance training into a learning plan keeps the employee and the company safe.  An employee needs to know where the bar is being set by the company and the company needs to be able to document that they have provided the necessary training to keep all of their team safe.  Invest in e-learning or live instructors that will facilitate maximum retention.

Leadership Training

Hopefully we are moving past the concept that we need to train people based on what they were hired for.  That mentality can only push your company into higher employee turnover.  Forward thinking training and human resource departments are determined to identify gaps in their workforce.  They create competencies not only for the given job position but also for future promotions for their team.  In order for an employee to even want to reach out in this way it requires leadership training.  Leadership training does not necessarily mean leading other people.  It can mean just learning how to lead oneself.  Topics such as emotional intelligence are becoming much more prevalent in standard learning plans.  Invest in e-learning or live instructors that will facilitate maximum retention.

Succession Planning

According to Wikipedia, succession planning involves identifying people within your company that could fit potential future roles within your organization.  In other words, be prepared to promote.  Growing companies do not follow a stagnant approach to their human capital.  As consumer demand grows for a product a company must be in a position to sustain the growth.  That means people.  All too often a company can grow quickly but not be ready to position their human capital accordingly.  That is where succession planning comes into play.  For each job position competencies must be identified.  Career goals need to be set for all of your employees so they feel that the company is investing in them.  That they are valuable.  That type of corporate culture is golden. Invest in e-learning or live instructors that will facilitate maximum retention.

So this wraps up Part 2 of maximizing retention.  Learning plans are crucial.  The quality of the content is also just as important.  As a training team you need to be able to gauge the response and buy in from your people.  Use the survey tool in your learning management system to gather that kind of feedback.  Knowledge and data should drive decisions.

In Part 3 we will discuss objectives when creating your own e-learning content.  Stay tuned.

Written by Jonathan Saar

Update:  Part 3 is now live 

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