The Problem…

Many of this generation’s industries require constant updating of their policy and procedure manual. One reason for the constant updates is changes in government regulation at the local, state and federal level. Also, companies within these dynamic industries, such as Healthcare, Travel, Hospitality, etc., often face personal challenges that necessitate the appropriate changes. The employees must then sign on to the changes in their company’s policy and procedure manual in order to say that they are compliant with the adjustments. In many cases, because there is no policy and procedure software solution, there is no easy way to do this. Company leadership must create a new policy each time and then send a copy of the policy to each employee for his or her signature. This, as you could imagine, takes much time and effort, all the while creating a massive headache.

Do companies really need a policy and procedure software solution?

According to Dr. Paul Rao, a Director of Speech-Language Pathology and an Assistant Director of Stroke Recovery for the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, D.C., companies should absolutely invest in a policy and procedure manual. Rao states that the “legal and regulatory climate alone has changed so rapidly during the last decade that a host of new policy areas have emerged.” Additionally, policy and procedure manuals “equip both employer and employees with a means to ensure compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.” (Read more about Dr. Paul Rao’s testimony here)

As you can tell from this man’s testimony and knowledge on the subject, compliance is crucial to the security of your company. Not only that, you need a way to communicate to your employees any necessary changes in your policy and procedure manual as fast as possible. The faster that your employees know about any recent changes, the less risk is accredited towards your company’s stature.

How can we resolve the issue?

Should companies focus on informing their employees in-house and wait for the next available opportunity to inform them. Or should they look for a method that will allow instant communication and acknowledgement of changes in the policy and procedure software solution ?

We believe that our Policy and Compliance Manager tool is the solution to this problem. Not only can company leadership adjust their manuals quickly and efficiently with our tool, but after the changes are made the tool immediately sends out a notification to each appropriate employee and requests for their signature. Moreover, each notification will be visible on each employee’s profile until they have fully signed each element of the new policy and procedure manual. Through the Policy and Compliance Manger, we are able to mitigate your company’s risk while saving your company valuable time and money that would otherwise have been spent on tedious logistics. If you would like to learn more about our Policy and Compliance Manager, contact us!