Simple Video Production Apps

Course Authoring Made Simple

Stumped with where to begin with video production for your courses?  Do not feel you need to be a professional videographer or a production professional in order to generate video content for your online courses.  If you are engaged in a highly robust project then perhaps you may need content of that caliber but for most of our elearning learners that is not necessary.

Micro-learning continues to trend upward so the need for professional snippets of content is extremely important but it also needs to have a quick turnaround time from a production standpoint.  Below are three of our favorite apps for developing content using your tablet or smartphone.

iMovie by Apple

The technology is there now you just need to add your creativity.  iMovie makes it so easy to make short to medium sized video clips.  You can add transitions, effects and much more to create content and use it to help teach your subject for your elearning content.

Game Your Video – Moviemaker On The Go

Need a little extra fun and pizazz to your videos?  Game Your Video is a free app that can do just that.  Please do not make boring content.  Using some fun video tricks help in learning retention.  Make it memorable for your learners.


Vivavideo is another free app that allows for simple transitions and also content overlays.  It has a pro upgrade for only $2.99 but the free version has plenty of great tools to get you started.

When making your videos you will still want to maintain a basic production environment.  In other words do not try to make your video content next to a train station.  With a little forethought you can change your office environment into a simple area to produce elearning content that will engage your learners. With course authoring tools such as what Edmego Learning has, you will have amazing content in no time at all.

Written by Jonathan Saar

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