Monday Morsels

Security Breach Because of a Lack of Compliance Training

Is your company’s information protected?  Is it secure?  Do your employees know the security protocols for your organization or the procedure for basic disclosure check?  This morsel I read by Lowcards triggered some thoughts for me.  This expression struck me: “Most of those surveyed still do not believe their employees know enough about their company’s security risks“.  There are way too many opinions floating out there when it comes to company security.  Since when are opinions and beliefs tangible data?  This article was really well written and highlighted a critical need.  It highlighted that more than likely your company has something, but is it enough.  Employees need training.  Not just any training.  Compliance driven training beyond the “welcome to the company” orientation package.  Enforced learning plan delivery that reminds the employee, supervisor and the training department if someone is not on time with their training.  How well will a belief stand up in a court of law?

Lawyer: Do you have in place a training program to minimize security threats?

Plantiff:  I believe we do.

Lawyer:  You believe you do?  Do you actually have one or not?

Judge: I hereby order compliance training and a fine of $xxx,xxx,xxx for XXX

Lesson:  Don’t believe you have compliance training and policy tracking.  Make it happen.  Is it enough?  Will it protect your company, your employees and your customers?

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Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Here is my second morsel for the week.  This article is by Small Business Chron and it highlighted the most common workplace lawsuits. I like how it all correlates to my previous articles on lawsuit, some of which also were about marriage (to indict which, I had to take some help from a divorce lawyer johnson county). Rounding out the top two once again is workplace discrimination and sexual harassment.  The article states a fundamental truth: “Whether the employer’s actions are intentional or unintentional, many workers file lawsuits seeking compensation or remedy to the situation.”  There you have it.  I will circle right back to my first morsel on the list today.  Do nothing and you are risking everything for your company.  Do everything you can and even though there is still a risk you can minimize the damage.  It’s kind of like playing full contact sports.  If you wear nothing protective while playing you can certainly fill in the blanks on the outcome that will happen to your body.  Do everything you can and wear all the required protective equipment and you may come out of any given game with only a bruise or a scratch.  Point taken?

As a company we are on numerous calls everyday.  We ask a standard question to new folks reaching out to us:  What do you have in place to prevent discrimination and harassment.  Over 90% have nothing.  We are happy to continue to help be part of the overall awareness cause.  Our people need training.  They need policies.  The government needs proof.  It needs documentation.  Train your people.  Remind your people.  Empower your people to help make your workplace environment a safe one.

Written by Jonathan Saar

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