Punching People Can Get You FiredDealing with Anger

Are you feeling angry? Or do you feel hostility radiating from your coworkers? The world is more stressful than ever these days. I struggle to even watch the news in the morning because it messes with my zen.  It can be difficult to keep the fears and frustrations of day to day affairs from crossing over to the work environment.  Dealing with office issues whether in a small business environment or large,  can be very stressful.  Tensions can mount and we may find ourselves with a fake cheese grin saying to ourselves please hold still while I punch you.  We have all been there and yes we have done that.  If you haven’t then your business is on top of a mountain somewhere or a remote island south of the Bermuda Triangle.  Reminders regarding conflict resolution are very crucial.  Here are a few helpful tips for dealing with anger.

Helpful Ways of Dealing with Anger – The Do’s

DO acknowledge that you are angry.

DO calm yourself before you say anything.

DO speak up, when something is important to you.

DO explain how you’re feeling in a manner that shows ownership and responsibility for your anger.

Helpful Ways of Dealing with Anger – The Don’ts

DON’T ignore the anger.

DON’T keep the anger inside.

DON’T get aggressive.

DON’T get passive-aggressive.

DON’T use non-constructive communication styles.

Tell us how you are feeling these days and how you cope.  You never know someone out there could benefit from your experiences.  What practical steps can you share that you use for yourself or implement for your team?

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