Improve your grammar

Their Are Way Two Many Leaves Falling

Yes I posted this title on purpose and it’s to serve a point.  We deal with a lot of written correspondence each and every day.  Our professional perception can be clouded or washed down the street with a few wrong keystrokes.  Using spell check is simply not enough when creating any correspondence.  Reflect on daily written correspondences that we deal with each day.

  • Answering emails from prospective residents
  • Corresponding with fellow teammates and supervisors
  • Creating blog posts from a personal or professional level
  • Developing marketing material whether it is in print or digital

These are just a couple of mainstream examples where what we write (right), can tell one story or another.  Think of the potential client who has the first name Darel (Daryl) or Jasmine (Jasmin). Our name means so much to us and yet sometimes how we typically spell a name may overtake how the person we correspond with spells their name without even realizing it.  Getting someone’s name wrong can be a pinnacle reason why you did not land that client or closed on new business.

Homophones are probably the biggest area where we can get into trouble.  You can see an example in the post title.  I know you are reading this post but you also just say no or know to bad grammar.  You can see very well but you can also swim in the sea.  I like to write (right) blog posts but am I always right or write?  The point is that we can easily get tripped up when writing to our clients or prospects. The following are some tips that will help you make sure you have a polished piece prior to sending.

  • Do not solely rely on spell and grammar check for your document
  • Read your document out loud prior to publishing or sending
  • Have a second set of eyes read it over for you
  • Wait ten minutes after you have finished reading and editing and reread the content one more time

With any content you are sharing, emailing, or publishing it is extremely important that you take the time to make sure your grammar is intact.  It can make the difference in signing a lease and it can make the difference in whether or not someone returns to your blog.  I don’t have any hard statistics to prove this next thought but from my professional experience, improper grammar has to be one of the highest pet peeves in the professional world.  Do you agree?  Was reading this like hearing nails on a chalkboard?

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